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At Jørgensen & Co, we source only the best crystals, oscillators, and filters from world-renowned suppliers such as Partron, Daishinku, KVG, SiTime, Micro Crystal A, Saw Components, and Sawnics. If you are interested in learning more about our offerings, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always available to share our expertise and help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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Partron is a global component supplier for mobile and telecommunication devices. We are currently the No. 1 supplier for RF products such as dielectric filters, isolators and antennas in the domestic market and have become a major supplier of camera modules and crystal oscillators for mobile phones.

In addition, we are now aggressively engaging in sensor R&D with products such as Fingerprint Module, MEMS Microphones and Sensor.

Possessing both a strong mass production system and development technology our business in the overseas market is rapidly expanding.

  • LC Filter, DC ~ 5 GHz

  • Ceramic Filter / Duplexer 300 MHz ~ 28 GHz

  • Filter Module, DC ~ 5 GHz

  • Multiplexer, DC ~ 5 GHz
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Reliance is the policy we offer for all our customers worldwide.

Since our founding in 1959, we at Daishinku have always ensured customer trust worldwide by dedicating ourselves to offering products that satisfy needs for greater sophistication, under our three philosophies of reliance: reliable people, reliable product and reliable company. As a global quartz device manufacturer, we strive to help realize a next-generation electronic society that is more convenient and more comfortable to people, by developing crystal devices friendly to the global environment.

  • Crystal Resonators

  • Crystal Oscillators, SPXO, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO

  • Real Time Clock Module (RTC)

  • Monolithic Crystal Filters

  • MEMS Oscillators

  • Optical Quartz Products

  • Hermetic Seal
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KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH

KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH, a leading manufacturer of quartz crystals and crystal components, is located in Neckarbischofsheim, just 100 km south of Frankfurt. More than 65 years experience in crystal design and permanent innovations have set the pace in quartz crystal technology.

KVG offers a wide product range of crystals, oscillators, filters and specific quartz crystal products. We offer standard products and custom specific solutions, the result of prosperous relationships between our customers and KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH.

  • Crystals

  • Crystal Oscillators, XO, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO

  • Crystal Filters
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SiTime lead the MEMS timing market, producing programmable solutions that enable customers to differentiate their products with higher performance, smaller size, lower power, and better reliability.

  • Jitter Cleaners/Network Synchronizers

  • Clock Generators

  • MHz Oscillators

  • Programmable OCXOs

  • Precision MHz Super-TCXOs

  • Ruggedized Oscillators

  • 32.768 kHz Oscillators

  • µPower Oscillators 1 Hz to 26 MHz

  • Resonators

  • MEMS Clock Generators
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Micro Crystal AG

Micro Crystal AG, a company of the Swatch Group Inc. Switzerland, was founded in 1978 in Grenchen, Switzerland, as a producer of Tuning Fork Crystals for watches.

Today, Micro Crystal AG is a leading manufacturer of Miniature Tuning Fork Quartz Crystals (32kHz to 250MHz), Real Time Clocks, Oscillators and OCXOs for the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile phones, consumer products, computers, automobile electronics, watches, industrial controls, as well as medical implantable devices and other high-reliability product applications.

With offices located around the globe, Micro Crystal AG provides in-depth support for our customers from design-in to mass production.

  • Quartz Crystals, KHz

  • Oscillators, KHz

  • Real Time Clock Modules (RTC)

  • Oscillators MHz, XO, VCXO, OCXO

  • Crystals, MHz
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Saw Components

SAW COMPONENTS Dresden GmbH is a privately owned company, founded in 1996.

Over 20 Years of Experience in SAW Technology.

SAW COMPONENTS Dresden supplies you with all services around the Surface Acoustic Wave - from wafer to device through to the complete sensor system.

SAW Wafer Foundry

  • SAW products on wafer from the SAW Wafer Foundry

  • With customer or standard designs

  • From small quantity support up to high volume production

SAW Devices

  • SAW Filter

  • SAW Resonators

  • SAW Delay Lines


  • SAW TEMP - wireless temperature measurement without battery

  • SAW IDENT - passive RFID for special requirements
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SAWNICS was established in year 2000, with ambition to become a major manufacturer of SAW Devices for radio & mobile communication.

We accomplished high growth and have persistent new technology development.

We accomplished high growth and have persistent new technology development.

Our Business Sector consist of mobile communication ( Duplexer, SAW Filter, IF SAW Filter ), multimedia
( DAB/DMB, CATV, DTV ), radio communication ( WLAN, WLL, ISM Band, GPS ) and satellite communication.SAWNICS has challenged our self to be the best and to make the world’s best SAW Device, that the world recognizes and has consistently been a leader in the path to technological development.

  • IF SAW Filter

  • RF SAW Filter

  • SAW Duplexer

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