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Integrated 3-phase 48 automotive Gate Driver Unit (GDU) with 2.5-A peak sink gate drive current.

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Integrated 3-phase 48 automotive Gate Driver Unit (GDU) with 2.5-A peak sink gate drive current.

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Staying Connected

Reliable components for data transfer and connectivity, including fiber-optic, wireless, and wired communication.


Driving Innovation

Components that withstand harsh environments and demanding applications for automation, power generation, and renewable energy.


Ensuring Safety

Rugged, dependable components for military applications, including aircraft, land vehicles, and naval vessels.


Pushing Boundaries

High-quality, durable, and efficient components for space exploration technology, enabling critical data collection and transfer.


Improving Health

Precise, reliable, and safe components for medical applications, including implantable devices, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring systems.

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JQL Technologies presents a broad range of cavity filters, from 100 MHz to 40 GHz

These coaxial filters use cavity resonances to achieve high Q and thus low insertion loss, steep skirts and high isolation.

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To request a quote, use the 'Get Quote' links on product detail pages, or you can use our Quote Request form.

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We are happy to provide support in your search for the right part or function. Please contact us here and our experts will guide you.

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Jørgensen & Co uses different solutions depending your needs. Using established logistical partners we feel confident in providing a good solution for you. Please contact us for more information.

What is Jørgensen & Co's corporate address?
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Jørgensen & Co A/S, Præstemarksvænge 8, Postboks 348, DK-4000 Roskilde

Can I view all my past orders?
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For the moment you will need to contact us in order to view historic orders. In the near future you will be able to view these in your account.

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If you love electronics and think you could help us improve our service, send us a mail! Currently we’re looking for a technical field sales engineer

Who owns Jørgensen & Co?
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Jørgensen & Co belongs to SAGA Components, an investment company that is specialized in this segment and industry. Read more about SAGA Components here.

When I order from Jørgensen & Co why do I get invoice from KVE Kvartelektronik AB ?
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From April 2023, Saga Group will centralize its warehouse to Spånga in Sweden under KVE Kvartelektronik AB. Your local contact at Jørgensen & Co remains the same.

Is Jørgensen & Co certified?
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One of the key elements enabling extremely stable MEMS resonators is our EpiSeal™ process which hermetically seals the resonators during wafer processing, eliminating any need for hermetically sealed ceramic packaging. Our EpiSeal resonator is impervious to the highest concentration elements in the atmosphere, nitrogen and oxygen, and therefore acts as a perfect seal. Previous generations of EpiSeal resonators may have been impacted by large concentrations of small-molecule gas. Newer EpiSeal resonators are impervious to all small-molecule gases. Please contact Jørgensen & Co in case you are planning to use a Jørgensen & Co device in large concentrations of small-molecule gas, so that we can recommend an appropriate, immune part.

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