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Custom Design and Rapid Prototyping

At Jørgensen & Co, we excel in custom designing and rapidly prototyping products. Our dedicated R&D team provides exceptional services to swiftly transform your product concepts into prototypes and turn those prototypes into fully functional products. With extensive experience in designing and building components and sub-systems for global clients, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide product data sheets within 48 hours of a customer's request and deliver samples in as little as 3 days. Our typical prototype lead time is 2-4 weeks. Contact us today to bring your product ideas to life with our custom design and rapid prototyping services.

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JQL Electronics, is a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave devices, including filters, isolators & circulators, directional couplers, power divider/combiners, hybrid, termination and etc.

Founded in 1996, JQL Electronics, Inc., designs and manufactures high performance RF/Microwave components for a wide range of applications, such as wireless, public safety, satellite and etc.

JQL has design center and manufacturing facility in USA and China.

  • Cavity Filter

  • Bandpass Filter, Highpass Filter, Lowpass Filter

  • Duplexer/Diplexer, Triplexer, Quadplexer, Multiplexer

  • DTMA

  • PIM Testing Filter, Switch Filter Bank

  • RF Circulator

  • Coaxial, Drop-in, Surface Mount

  • Microstrip, Waveguide

  • RF Isolator

  • Coaxial, Drop-in, Surface Mount

  • Microstrip, Waveguide

  • Iso-adapter

  • Hybrid

  • Hybrid Combiner

  • Hybrid Matrices

  • Termination

  • Low PIM Attenuator

  • Low PIM Termination

  • Power Splitter

  • Reactive

  • Wilkinson

  • DC Block/Bias Tee

  • Low PIM DC Block

  • Low PIM Bias Tee

  • Waveguide

  • Adapter

  • Coupler/Tapper

  • Directional Coupler, Tapper

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Partron is a global component supplier for mobile and telecommunication devices. We are currently the No. 1 supplier for RF products such as dielectric filters, isolators and antennas in the domestic market and have become a major supplier of camera modules and crystal oscillators for mobile phones.

In addition, we are now aggressively engaging in sensor R&D with products such as Fingerprint Module, MEMS Microphones and Sensor.

Possessing both a strong mass production system and development technology our business in the overseas market is rapidly expanding.

  • LC Filter, DC ~ 5 GHz

  • Ceramic Filter / Duplexer 300 MHz ~ 28 GHz

  • Filter Module, DC ~ 5 GHz

  • Multiplexer, DC ~ 5 GHz

  • Small SMD Type, Low Power Isolator/Circulator

  • High Power SMD Type, High Power Isolator/Circulator

  • Drop-In Type, High Power Isolator/Circulator

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Weinschel Associates

Weinschel Associates designs and manufactures high-quality Broadband RF and Microwave products for commercial and military markets domestically and internationally. Core technologies originated by founder Bruno Weinschel are leveraged using modern design, production, delivery, and service techniques to provide the best product at the best price to our customers.

Featuring the very best in High Power and High Frequency: Attenuators, Terminations, Power Dividers, Adapters, DC Blocks, and more.

  • We are committed to your success.

  • Fixed Attenuators

  • Variable Attenuators

  • Terminations

  • Power Dividers and Splitters

  • RF Adapters

  • DC Blocks

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Dorado Millimeter-wave, established in 1979 is a Seattle based manufacturer/supplier of a broad range of advanced technology microwave components. They are used in telecommunications equipment and other microwave systems that operate within the radio spectrum from 100 MHz to over 100 GHz.

The variety of microwave/millimeterwave products and the optimization of specific parameters to meet the escalating requirements of our customers has resulted in a broad range of products incorporating “state-of-the-art” technology. These technologies have been developed by our team of engineers who are leaders in their respective fields. They are supported by highly skilled technicians, machinists and other experienced workers who helped generate the items listed in our catalog.

The devices offered by Dorado fall into three basic component categories.

  • Antenna Products

  • Gain Horns

  • Planar Array / Patch Antennas

  • Omni-directional and Horn Antennas

  • Waveguide Components

  • Adapters

  • Attenuators

  • Transitions and Twist

  • RF Isolator and Circulator

  • Microstrip

  • Drop-in

  • Broadband High Power

  • Cryogenic

  • Wave Guide


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