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Diverse Range of Transformers and Inductors

At Jørgensen & Co, we offer a wide range of transformers and inductors that are essential components in some of the most demanding applications. These include motor drives, high-speed trains, solar and wind energy systems, marine and offshore equipment, relay protection systems, military gear, airplanes, and equipment for process automation. An increasing number of companies are leveraging this opportunity to develop cost-effective and technically optimal solutions. Contact us to learn more about our diverse range of transformers and inductors and how they can meet the specific needs of your application.

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KUK Wijdeven

For many years, KUK Wijdeven has been the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of custom made transformers and coils.

Its in-depth knowledge of multidisciplinary winding and manufacturing make KUK Wijdeven a professional and dependable organisation in which the customer’s interests are of paramount importance.

In close cooperation with the customer, we develop the best possible transformer or coil for the specific application. At the lowest possible costs.

  • Transformers, Chokes, Transmitters

  • Windings on Customer-specific Bobbins

  • Windings on Customer-specific Bobbins (Automotive)

  • Windings on Toroidal Cores

  • Windings Directly on Magnetic Cores

  • Air Core Coils

  • Air Core Coils (Miniature)

  • Varnishing

  • Sealing

  • Insert Molding

  • SMD / THT Assembly

  • Assembly
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Your manufacturer of ceramic-based passive electronic components.

SUMIDA Components goal is to provide top quality and the best service possible for all our partners.

State-of-the-art production equipment and an experienced and motivated team of technicians guarantee the high quality of SUMIDA Components GmbH products.

The wide selection of standard products is complemented by individual, custom specific problem solutions worked out in cooperation with the support of our engineers.

The technical competence of SUMIDA Components R&D and production teams is recognized by the market and certified according to ISO/TS 16949 Third Edition and ISO 9001:2008.

  • Chip Inductors

  • Chip Transformers

  • SMD Rod Core Chokes and Air Coiles

  • Ceramic Feedthrough Capacitors

  • PI Filter

  • Filter Modules

  • Ceramic SMD Capacitors

  • Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors

  • Ceramic Mounting Parts

  • Optoelectric Components
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FASTRON was founded in 1978 and is privately owned. The company's knowledge and know-how lies within the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

With the following main competencies of RF and power inductors, precision sheet metal housings, mechatronic assemblies and customized MR coils, the group is able to serve a wide range of customer demands for all kind of electronic coils.

  • Chip Inductors for RF Applications, NEW!

  • Chip Inductors for Power Applications

  • Common Mode Filter Chip Inductors, NEW!

  • RFID Transponder Coils, New!

  • Moulded Inductors

  • Leaded Inductors, New!

  • Suppression Coils

  • Plugable Inductors (Pin Type Coils), New!

  • Wide Band Chokes and Beads

  • SMD Power Inductors, New!

  • Strip Wound Cut Cores

  • Toroidal Strip-Wound Cores

  • Rod Core Chokes

  • Toroid Line Chokes

  • Standard Metal Enclosures

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